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Traveling in the United States of America

“The country of all possibilities,” USA offers a huge range of tourist attractions: the fascination of large cities like New York and Washington, the elegant colonial architecture of the old cities of the South, the glamour of Las Vegas, and the beauty of the wild Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

New York, New York…

New York (often called New York City to differentiate from the surrounding New York State), is situated on the east coast of the United States. It is divided into five zones, of which the most famous is Manhattan, the financial, commercial, and political center of the city. New York has approximately 8,000,000 inhabitants or 20 million including all the suburbs.

New York rivals Paris as a city of culture and arts. The Metropolitan Museum is an impressive collection of paintings. The Museum of Modern Art receives nine million visitors annually. The Guggenheim and Whitney Museums are two further renowned homes of art. The Metropolitan Opera House hosts the most famous operas and symphonies. Many important music concerts are held at Madison Square Garden in Long Island.

Central Park, the largest park in New York, encompasses a large natural lake which is a drinking water reservoir for the city. Nearby is a natural museum and a zoo.

When you think of New York, the first thing that comes to mind is the huge skyscrapers. All the parks seem crushed by skyscrapers. The straight streets with serial numbers are devoid of trees and greenery. One of the finest buildings in the world and the earliest skyscraper is the Empire State Building located in Manhattan, measuring 449 meters and built with no less than 102 floors.

One of the most impressive monuments and the symbol of New York is the Statue of Liberty. She guards the gates of the big city on Liberty Island. Every year it’s visited by one million tourists eager to admire the most known sculpture of the USA. It’s the masterpiece of the Alsatian sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and embodies the idea of freedom, representing a gesture of homage of the French people to the American people, made during the first centenary of the proclamation of independence.

New York City serves as a focus of dialogue and international cooperation with the huge UN building, built, and receiving 1,000-2,000 daily visitors.

The bridges of New York are sleek and fascinating constructions, each with its own architectural distinction. The famous bridges over the East River and Hudson River connecting Manhattan Center and the American Continent. During the night they are lit enchantingly, like some giant chandeliers reflected in the shining water.

Other must-see attractions are…

Washington DC , the capital, is mostly known for its monuments and museums, from the US Capitol to the White House and from the Washington Monument to the Smithsonian Museum. With over 4.4 million residents, it’s the tenth most populous metropolitan area in the US. Situated in Washington are the White House and the Capitol.